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Carbon Neutral & Sustainable Campus

   Net-zero campus – Low carbon Campus – sustainable campus


  • To develop a sustainable culture among younger generations
  • To reduce the ecological footprint of educational institutioncnsc
  • To reduce overall emissions from our campus and community

   Core areas of concern

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Open spaces, gardens
  • Energy management
  • Water management
  • Pollution control
  • Waste management
  • promotion of eco friendly products
  • reduce transport emissions and many

To reduce overall carbon emissions, everyone’s support and commitment is  essential. National Service Scheme  unit   should take the initiative to follow a sustainable approach in each and every program in the campus and in the community.


Thedhesham (Active Involvement in Local Governance)


The Association of National Service Scheme units with local self-governments is a great platform to familiarize local governance to students  and to ensure participation in the democratic process and local level planning.


  • to facilitate a public forum to come together
  • To familiarize and engage youth in local governance and democratic process
  • To make the young generation as the center of democratic planning
  • To channelize the energy of youth to solve environmental challenges like climate change and global warming
  • To increase employability skills of volunteersThedhesham

   Core areas of concern

  • Surveys
  • for preperation and updation of different registers like bio diversity registers
  • mapping tourist loctions of regionl relevance
  • preperation of local history
  • development of disater management plan
  • Involvement in waster management
  • Interships
  • Active participation of youth should be promoted in all levels of planning,
  • participation in Grama sabha,
  • working group,
  • project preparation,
  • development seminar,
  • project execution etc.
  • voluntary service,

 “Lahari Vimuktha Youvanam (LaViYu)” - drug free youth


  • to safeguard the younger generation from the menace of drug abuse and the evil effects of alcohol and tobacco products.

  Core areas of concern

  • Awareness sessionsLaharivimuktha
  • signature campaigns, rallies, flash mobs,
  • house visits,
  • pamphlet distribution,
  • visit to de-addiction centres
  • street plays
  • counseling facilities
  • anti-drug clubs should be formed in colleges to monitor the college and report any incident related to drug abuse/alcohol/tobacco.
  • Joint consultations on Health, Excise and Police Departments should also be involved for meaningful implementation of anti-drug activities.

The anti-drug anti-alcohol-anti tobacco campaign should be  extended to adopted villages and neighborhoods as an extension activity.


   “Abhayam – Revisited


    On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the University and in tune with the slogan of the Golden Jubilee celebrations - “University to people” - the University NSS Cell proposed  'Abhayam- Suvarna jubilee Bhavana Padhathi'.  Here University NSS Department suggested that each NSS unit will take the initiative to construct at least one House for the homeless. Home should be made for eligible homeless students of the college or the eligible homeless persons of the adopted village/ nearby area.

 For the year 2022-23,  National Service Scheme department envisages the Abhayam project to be extended to complete the incompleted houses under the LIFE Scheme and PM yojana in five districts under the University of Calicut.



Athijeevanam (Survival)Athijeevanam

The program's primary objective is to rehabilitate and rejuvenate the post-Covid Kerala society with the motto “Youth for Survival Mission.” Initially, we have to locate the extent of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the socio-economic and cultural spheres to revitalize the education, employment, health and cultural sectors in its light..



Back To Agriculture :


 “Back to Agriculture”   it is the need of the hour in igniting a sense of meaningful awareness among youth towards the good practices of agriculture and sustainable living. And also to spread the message that survival is only through agriculture.  Through this programme we wish to share the message that “food production is superior to food donation.”

ObjectivesBack to Agriculture

  • NSS Units should make an effort to utilise and convert barren land for productive purposes with the help of concerned government departments and self-help groups like “Kudumbashree.”   While engaging in farming activities, units should ensure organic and sustainable farming methods.

Core areas of Concern

  1. 1. Upland Paddy  cultivation
  2. 2. Fruit tree Garden
  3. 3. Vegetable garden
  4. 4. Herbal garden
  5. 6. Tuber crops cultivation
  6. 7. Birth star plant garden
  7. 6. Herbal garden


The organic farming and agriculture activities should be  extended to adopted villages and neighborhoods as an extension activity.



“KOODE” - with youKoode

KOODE - “with you” assures a platform for the adolescents in the institution and in the adopted village to express their problems frankly. The National Service Scheme volunteers will serve as a friend to share their concerns. With the help of recognized agencies, the volunteers try to solve their problems.  Privacy and transparency should be the two key factors of “Koode”.      The activity-oriented objectives include self-development and empowerment of adolescents through anti-narcotic awareness, Sex education, Adolescent rights Education etc.

 Gender Neutral CampusGender


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